WhatsApp working on new feature that will show Status updates of your friends first

WhatsApp working on new feature that will show Status updates of your friends first

WhatsApp introduced the Status feature in 2017 and since then it has been trying hard to make this feature as popular as the Snapchat’s Stories. The company has brought several small updates to the feature in the past but it is planning something really big this time. The chat app is working on a new algorithm that would fetch Status updates in the most relevant order.

According to a Mashable report, the Facebook-owned company is testing new algorithm that sort Status updates by their relevance. Currently the Status updates from all contacts are shown in the reverse chronological order with the most recent one showing first. It includes updates of even those contacts who you may have never conversed with. The new update would change that and show you Status based on who you interact most with or whose status you see more often and similar other factors.

As per the report, the feature is already being rolled out to some iOS users in Brazil, Spain and India. This means that the feature could first come to iOS users and then to the Android users across the globe.

Keeping the WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption in the purview, the report states that the feature would not touch the WhatsApp’s servers. Instead, it will access only those details that are available on users’ phones.

WhatsApp is also said to be working on two another major updates- ability to find businesses directly in app and requiring group admins to seek permission from users before adding them to a group.

According to WaBetaInfo report, WhatsApp will add “Find businesses” as third option just below the New Contact option inside the app. It is unclear how the feature would work but there are speculations that the feature would help find business based on a category or by its name.

WhatsApp- Group invitation is another most-awaited feature on the platform. The chat app is working on a feature that will require admins to take permission from users before adding them to any group. WhatsApp will add a “Groups” option inside settings. You will need this option to manage your groups’ privacy setting. To enable the feature, you will have to go to Settings> Account>Privacy> Groups>Who can add me to groups. It will have three options- Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody.

If you select everybody, everyone can add you to a group and you will receive no invites. If you select My contacts, you can be added in groups from your contacts and you will receive an invite to join a group from people outside your contacts list. At last if you select the Nobody option nobody can add you directly to any groups and you will receive invitation request every time someone wants to add you to a group.


Source:- indiatoday